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Ribeiro said he was really at his happiest when painting portraits. Indeed, his fascination with heads remained an enduring obsession throughout his life and he became driven by the idea to create an exhibition Heads - In and Out of Our Time. Ribeiro's heads are like icons, always painted from the front and derive from his past Goan and Catholic environment. A review of his Bombay exhibition of 1961 lists the types he painted: "colonialists, k
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  • Lancelot Ribeiro
  • Evolving
  • Signed and dated (centre left)
  • Oil and PVA on canvas
  • 1963
  • 25 x 21.5 inĀ (63.5 x 54.6 cm)
  • Category: Painting
    Style: Figurative

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    David Buckman, Lancelot Ribeiro, an Artist in India and Europe, Francis Boutle Publishers, London, 2014, p.84

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